Or: The absence of permanence. Nothing lasts, everything dissolves to become something new. A cycle without beginning nor end.

Change is an integral part of our lives. Maybe not always welcome, but in each moment necessary. It is the substance of life. Everything around us and within us needs to rearrange constantly to go on, to grow, to survive.

Petals signal the disappearance of the old, they are a sign of change. The spring that has finally arrived and the fruits that will soon grow to nourish. But the blossom never lasts long, it is only a fleeting pleasure. Only just arrived and already, the white, pink and yellow is starting to disappear and you find yourself standing in a sea of petals swirling around you in the wind. But as they are carried away, new life is ready to form.

Within and Without

The human body as frame. As the border that separates between inside and outside, between ourselves and the world beyond. Within and without, both are infinite.

We react to the world and the world reacts to us. Some parts of ourselves diffuse through the border. Interacting and affecting the outside. It’s in our hands to choose what that effect is.

the human frame - die menschliche gestalt


From the smallest of seeds the tree grows, striving for the skies. Branches form, ramify and blossom in the rhythm of time. The human figure transforms. Growing out and into each other.

Wie der Baum, der aus dem Samen wächst, zum Keimling wird und in die Höhe strebt. Wie die Äste sich formen, sich verzweigen und im Rhythmus der Zeit blühen. So ändert der Mensch seine Form und verwandelt sich. Von-, aus- und ineinander wachsen.


An attempt to capture pure honesty in the face of a person. their true self exposed, at their most vulnerable. the search for a way to make their soul tangible.

Corporeal Study

Abstraction of the human form. A framed part of the body, in a play of light and shadows to form an abstract wave, made up of small particles. Light in its dual nature.