Come Undone

Where do we go from here?

White roses as a symbol for new beginnings. A blank page for the future. A chance to fulfill new potential. But how often should we look for change? And when do we begin to lose consistency? Do we fragment too much if we start fresh every day? We don’t stay the same for very long…How do we maintain a balanced middle ground?


= unyielding, unable to be broken

The fragile body contrasted with unyielding rocks - or fragile rocks contrasted with an unyielding body.


From the smallest of seeds the tree grows, striving for the skies. Branches form, ramify and blossom in the rhythm of time. The human figure transforms. Growing out and into each other.


An attempt to capture pure honesty in the face of a person. Their true self exposed, at their most vulnerable. The search for a way to make their soul tangible.