= unyielding, unable to be broken

The fragile body contrasted with unyielding rocks - or the other way around.

Girl with Berries

Signaling the end of summer, the bushes and trees become heavy with red berries. Used as bait for birds, the rowan comes up in mythology and folklore as a plant for protection from evil spirits and was used to ward off witches.

Ocean and Moon Spirit

The tides, ebb and flood, the push and pull - Ocean and Moon locked in an eternal dance. Substance of myths and stories.


An attempt to capture pure honesty in the face of a person. Their true self exposed, at their most vulnerable. The search for a way to make their soul tangible.

Corporeal Study

Abstraction of the human form. A framed part of the body, in a play of light and dark to form an abstract wave, made up of small particles. Light in its dual nature.