Ocean and Moon Spirit

The tides, ebb and flood, the push and pull - Ocean and Moon locked in an eternal dance. Substance of myths and stories.

Out of Chaos

The old idea of chaos was that it held everything in potentia, including man. (C. Jung)

Between the known and the unknown, between the things we understand and those we don’t, between order and chaos, right at the edge, one foot on each side, that’s where all our potential is able to unfold. We will find ourselves there if we look closely and follow that fleeting golden light that holds our curiosity.


Or: The absence of permanence. Nothing lasts, everything dissolves to become something new. A cycle without beginning nor end.

Change is an integral part of our lives. Maybe not always welcome, but in each moment necessary. It is the substance of life. Everything around us and within us needs to rearrange constantly to go on, to grow, to survive.

Petals signal the disappearance of the old, they are a sign of change. The spring that has finally arrived and the fruits that will soon grow to nourish. But the blossom never lasts long, it is only a fleeting pleasure. Only just arrived and already, the white, pink and yellow is starting to disappear and you find yourself standing in a sea of petals swirling around you in the wind. But as they are carried away, new life is ready to form.


An attempt to capture pure honesty in the face of a person. their true self exposed, at their most vulnerable. the search for a way to make their soul tangible.

Corporeal Study

Abstraction of the human form. A framed part of the body, in a play of light and shadows to form an abstract wave, made up of small particles. Light in its dual nature.